B450 vs x470 motherboard updated 2022

This b450vs x470 motherboard debate has been ongoing for more than a year now. Although the B550 and X570 chipset motherboards are already supplanting them, it still rages today.

With AMD using the same AM4 platform for its Zen processors of four generations, likely, people will still debate between B450 and X470 one year from now. 

In light of that, we’d like to shed some light on this topic. We will be discussing the differences between motherboards using X470 and B450 chipsets. 

To that end, we would like to clear up some confusion between the two chipsets and conclude properly.

What is a B450 motherboard?

You can build your next gaming powerhouse on the GIGABYTE B450 Gaming X AMD AM4 motherboard. Supports AMD StoreMI technology for accelerated storage performance and is compatible with AMD Ryzen 2nd generation CPUs.

ASUS Prime B450M-A II AMD AM4 (Ryzen 5000, 3rd/2nd/1st Gen Ryzen Micro ATX Motherboard (128GB DDR4, 4400 O.C.), NVMe, HDMI 2.0b/DVI/D-Sub, USB 3.2 2, BIOS Flashback, and Aura Sync)
  • AMD AM4 Socket : Compatible to Ryzen 5000, 3rd/2nd/1st Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs.Operating System : Windows 10 64-bit. Windows 7 64-bit
  • Designed for Productivity: USB 3.2 Gen 2 with 10Gbps ultra-fast transfer speed, onboard M.2 support, 4xDIMMs support up to 128GB DDR4 with 4400 (O.C.) performance, HDMI 2.0b/DVI/D-Sub
  • Optimized Cooling: VRM and PCH heatsink with extensive surface, thermal pads help transfer heat from the inductor and phase array to the heatsink. Flexible fan controls for ultimate cooling and quietness with ASUS exclusive Fan Xpert 2 plus
  • Built to Last: all-round protection with LANGuard, DRAM overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, SafeSlot Core safeguards and stainless-steel back I/O, 1000 plus compatible devices, 8000 plus Validation Hours
  • PC DIY Friendly: With BIOS Flashback and ASUS exclusive UEFI BIOS

 With an integrated NVME PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 slot, you can benefit from ultra-fast M.2 SSD and lag-free gaming with Realtek 8118 LAN. Hybrid fan headers allow you to add your choice of PWM/Voltage mode fans and let them cool your build intelligently. 

Adding digital LED lighting strips and using RGB Fusion 2.0 to create all kinds of captivating lighting effects is easy with the motherboard’s RGB and addressable RGB headers.

B450 motherboard

To meet gaming needs, AMD introduces the Ryzen 2000 series processors. GIGABYTE’s B450 series motherboards are perfectly matched for AMD Ryzen 2000 series processors with more features and more control. 

AMD Ryzen 2000 series processors provide users with a variety of benefits.



  • Almost the same performance as the X470
  • Good VRM
  • It is very affordable


  • Limits on overclocking
  • The GPU slot contains the M.2 primary drive
  • There is no multi-GPU support

X470 Motherboard

ASROCK AMD X470 Chip Set Mini – ITX Motherboard Fatal1ty X470 Gaming – ITX/AC
  • AMD X470 Chip
  • Set Mini
  • ITX Motherboard
  • Fatal1ty
  • X470 Gaming – ITX/AC

AMD’s X470 motherboard is currently taking the lead with its outstanding features. It is also an AM4 motherboard, like a B450 motherboard. Currently, it is AMD’s most powerful chipset.

X470 Motherboard

 Additionally, it has four PCIe 3.0 lanes and eight PCIe Zen2 slots. The B450 has only one SATA3 port less than it. SLI is supported, but it does not improve performance noticeably. Overclocking is supported, and the overall performance is powerful. The price might be a bit steep for all the features and performance. The X470 is also compatible with AMD Zen 2 and Zen 3 processors. 

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  • The potential for overclocking is great
  • Design of the PCB is beautiful
  • Overclocking DDR4-3600


  • Not the fastest WiFi
  • A bit pricey

B450 vs X470 Motherboards in Term Of Features

Several valid reasons exist for choosing the B450 over the X470, but many users choose the latter for compelling reasons. First, let’s examine the features of the X470 motherboard.

This motherboard includes an AMD Ryzen processor and a 7th generation Athlon processor for enhanced speed and connectivity and dual NVMe M.2 slots, Gigabit LN, and USB 3.1. Audio quality is excellent as well.

It has an industry-leading eight-channel HD audio system featuring an LED-illuminated architecture and Japanese capacitors. A preinstalled O/Shield is also included on the X470 motherboard, simplifying the setup process. Flash ROM capacity is 256 Megabytes, and it runs Windows 10 64 bit.

Furthermore, two RGD headers and Aura Sync RGB lighting are included for unparalleled customization.

For customizing your overclocking profiles to your specific device configuration, it also has a 5-Way Optimization feature and Fan Expert. Using these features will ensure optimal system cooling and overclocking.

The B450 motherboard, on the other hand, is compatible with Ryzen processors of the first and second generations, as well as Radeon graphics. Additionally, it offers RGB and optical LED headers and RGB fusion.

 Also included on the motherboard is an M.2 NVMe drive with dual thermal guards, an Intel Ethernet LAN, and dual-channel unbuffered DDR4 memory. It does not support multi-GPU and has only basic overclocking abilities, unlike the X470 motherboard.

B450 vs. X470 Motherboards in Term Design

The X470 model and high-end motherboard are responsible for the most costly and advanced motherboards. The X470 differs from the B450 by including PC express lanes, two SATA III ports, and four USB 3.1 ports. PCI Express Lanes are used by high-end graphics cards and NVMe hard drives.

In this way, the X470 becomes an attractive motherboard for users who want to install multiple graphics cards or NVMe drives on a single PC. A second distinction is that the X470 supports CrossFire and SLI, whereas the B450 only supports CrossFire.

Even though AMD’s B450 incorporates several previously unavailable features, it remains one of the most common motherboards among mainstream users.

Dedicated gamers will always choose an X470 motherboard over its X470 counterpart. As a result, many people opt for the cheaper alternative since the former is less expensive than the latter. In essence, the X470 motherboard will provide better performance and output, while the B450 motherboard will provide lower performance and output for a lower price.

Comparison of B450 and X470 Chipsets by performance

In terms of results, you can look forward to exciting new features with the release of B450 motherboards. It supports multiple GPUs through Crossfire and advanced overclocking capabilities. Ryzen systems may not represent a significant improvement for gamers who already own them.

Those planning to build Ryzen rigs in the future are a good starting point. As a result, the B450 is not as good as the X470 due to its lack of USB support. In addition, the X470 is much better at overclocking than the B450.

But the Precision Boost overdrive in the B450 is something you won’t forget. It lets you go fast while keeping the efficiency up. In terms of results, this is what makes the B450 better than the X470.

AMD StoreMI support is the X470’s biggest selling point, also the B450’s big selling point. StoreMI lets you make a pokey with 2GB RAM and still have enough room for a mechanical hard drive.

With this technology, the two storage systems can be combined into a single disc, allowing the fastest hardware to be used to store files and programs widely used.

StoreMI’s other fascinating feature is that it can be built and dismantled without requiring you to reformat hard drives or reinstall Windows. For gamers who can’t decide between the X470 and B450 motherboards, the X470 is a good choice if they’re looking for a device with decent speed and consistency. A B450 motherboard, however, will do if you’re on a budget. Regardless of your choice, you are getting excellent value for money.

A slight circumcision of the X470 makes the B450 less expensive to produce.

The X470 is the new high-performance chipset, powering the most advanced and expensive motherboards. This chipset has four additional USB 3.1 ports and two extra SATA III ports compared to the midrange B450, which supports higher-end graphics cards and NVMe storage devices. Therefore, the X470 is better for users who want to use multiple graphics cards on a single PC or many NVMe drives. In addition to this, only CrossFire configurations are available for the B450, while CrossFire and SLI configurations are available for the X470.

Final Thoughts:

The difference between b450 vs. x470 motherboard is explained for those who are still unsure of which motherboard to choose. Even though both of these models are quite capable of running 3rd Generation Ryzen CPUs

When it comes to performance, B450 and x470 are pretty similar, so you aren’t going to notice that much difference. However, if you insist on having more than one graphics card, then x470 is your best option because B450 does not support this feature.

Even though the default performance is almost similar, X470’s overclocking capabilities make it a better choice for enthusiasts; if you’re looking for extremely high performance, X470 is a good choice.

Apart from the above, some other features give the x470 a slight advantage. It comes with an extra USB 3.1 port, a SATA 3.0 port, and a PCIe Gen 2 / 3 port. Both of these models have similar air cooling forms, but the x470 offers liquid cooling via a 1*4 pin pump, which is not available in the b450.

In conclusion, if you are on a pretty tight budget, then you can get away with B450, but if money isn’t an issue for you, then X470 is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the X470 better than B450?

The price. In addition to offering more SATA III, rear and front I/O ports, more PCIe lanes, and dual-GPU support, X470 chipset motherboards are more expensive than B450 chipset motherboards. Consequently, X470 chipset motherboards also provide more premium features.

Is an X470 motherboard good?

The most dignified motherboard at present is the ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming. Users have access to a variety of features that keep their morale high. The gaming experience is excellent since the graphics and the tuning technology are of the highest quality.

Is a B450 motherboard still good?

In general, even though the B550 chipset offers a lot of upgrades, buying a B450 board in 2021 still makes sense. You can get away with a quality B450 board if you don’t need PCIe 4.0, only need one M. M. M.2 port, and don’t plan on getting the 3900X or the 5900X, then this board will work for you.

What is B450 compatible with?

1. x) The latest AMD RyzenTM 5000 Series Processors are fully compatible with GIGABYTE motherboards, as are AMD RyzenTM 4000, 3000, 2000, and 1000 Series Processors.

Is a B450 motherboard future-proof?

Choosing one of our refreshed B450 boards will give you greater flexibility in how you allocate resources. Deciding a faster processor, a better graphics card, a bigger, future-proof power supply, or a quieter, more robust cooling system might be possible.