MSI vs gigabyte motherboard: which you can buy in 2022

Which Motherboard is best for your pc? We have a detailed comparison between  MSI vs Gigabyte motherboard. Because an essential component of any PC is the Motherboard, which provides the computer with the power it needs to run smoothly, therefore, you must purchase the best Motherboard you can afford. You will need a powerful motherboard if you are a PC gamer or work with many high-end graphics. 

Today, we have compared two of the most well-known manufacturers of motherboards, MSI and Gigabyte, so we have the battle between MSI vs. Gigabyte Motherboards. Those of you who have worked in the computer industry for a while must have heard about these two names, and for good reasons as well. 


MSI offers many gaming components and hardware, including GPUs, motherboards, gaming laptops, and PC cases. With their signature red and black aesthetics, MSI boards are geared toward gamers looking for performance at an affordable price.

 Indeed, fantastic value sometimes leads to corners being cut or cheap workarounds being used, but MSI continues to be the best motherboard company for budget gamers. On the other hand, this raises whether MSI motherboards are suitable for different environments, like content creation or workstations. It turns out that they are.

MSI is more distinguishable in terms of aesthetics, or perhaps it should be said less costly than ASUS, which is hit-or-miss for consumers. Some of you might care about the looks of your motherboards, but we don’t. MSI, however, offers some beautiful X570 motherboards. Their newer models also move away from the long-in-the-tooth red-black design to a sleeker all-black look.

MSI motherboard

MSI offers products at all budget levels, but their newest motherboards, especially the X570 line, have received a lot of criticism. When running Ryzen 3000 on these newer chipset motherboards, many users have complained about BIOS issues or too hot VRMs. It is understandable, but the problems are specific to a few motherboards.

However, their more affordable B450 and X470 motherboards have also enjoyed a good deal of success. The MSI B450 Tomahawk is widely regarded as the top recommendation for the entire B450 lineup regardless of brand. MSI will remain one of the leading brands if they continue to produce products such as their B450 motherboards.


  • There is an excellent selection of products for every budget.
  • In the entry-level market, prices are very competitive.
  • It is exceptionally well suited for gaming-centric rigs.


  • It is reported that MSI broke both the BIOS and VRM on some of their newer motherboards.
  • It doesn’t look expensive.


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A Gigabyte motherboard is one of the best-looking and most stable pieces of hardware on the market. As with all manufacturers on this list, there will be both positive and negative reviews for Gigabyte. From our experience, they consistently produce quality products and are a top-tier company.

 Although they provide high-quality motherboard components and decent performance across their wide range of products, you pay most of the premium for the aesthetics.

Gigabyte’s hardware is known to be both affordable and high-end. An example is their AORUS series. AORUS motherboards are plentiful on the market, ranging from solid value-for-money models to the highest-end models with the latest and most excellent hardware. Some of their other products stick to the basics, offering good quality and outstanding features at an affordable price.

Comparing ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards, Gigabyte’s BIOS isn’t anything special, but it provides enough functionality and flexibility for overclocking and tinkering. Even though they have greatly improved user-friendliness and software control with their recent BIOS upgrades.

 We assess that Gigabyte’s boards are too focused on being ‘balanced’ to the point where they cannot excel in just one area. It appears this may explain why ASUS and MSI are overlooked more often.

Gigabyte motherboard


  • In general, hardware is reliable and stable.
  • Their mid-range to high-end boards look stunning.
  • Support from the customer is good.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • Stay away from anything that makes you stand out.
  • They have mediocre software.

What’s the difference between MSI and Gigabyte?

Both MSI and Gigabyte have excellent standards, despite their pros and cons. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. However, if you have to decide now, we suggest you decide MSI. Although it had a few disappointing lines recently (X570), it still has a better track record. Overall, their quality is splendid.

We will guide you through the decision between MSI and Gigabyte in this article. Please feel free to comment if you have any further questions. 

msi vs gigabyte vs asus motherboard

Three of the three motherboards we have chosen are ATX. Gaming computers tend to be big enough, so we don’t see the point in looking for a miniature board. Furthermore, every model in our comparison has an AM4 socket.

Therefore, they are designed to fit AMD processors, which are usually the most cost-effective. Nonetheless, all support overclocking in one way or another. As for motherboards, they cost close to or slightly more than ten thousand rubles. About the same amount of money is asked for these models:

Gigabyte B550 AORUS Elite v2 comes with three PCI-Express x16 slots.

MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max comes in red and black colors and is one of the cheapest models, especially during sales.

ASUS TUF B450-PRO Gaming motherboards support high-speed RAM and come with plenty of USB 3.1 ports on the back panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is better, Gigabyte or MSI?

Even on its cheapest boards, Gigabyte provides a lot of connectivity (especially USB ports) and features like BIOS flashback. However, its components are thin and cheap. MSI focuses on component quality and overclocking specific elements like thunderbolt and RGB headers.

Is Gigabyte motherboard reliable?

The motherboard reliability figures for Gigabyte were imposing. According to the Gigabyte Tech Daily blog, Gigabyte has been winning the reliability survey for the past two years. The key lies in the “Ultra Durable design,” as the company explains.

Is MSI a good motherboard brand?

The MSI brand is one of the best. MSI’s product lines are MPG, CXB, N, Xplorer, and E series. 
The company offers gaming and overclocking enthusiasts high-quality products at competitive prices.

Is Gigabyte a good brand for PSU?

You can get a ten-year warranty on Gigabyte’s power supplies because they use better quality parts. We’re a significant supplier of PC parts at Gigabyte. It won’t matter how you pay; you’ll always get what you pay for. Try to get at least 80+ Bronze.

How reliable is MSI?

What’s the Reliability of MSI Laptops? UFC-Que Choisir [R], a French consumer group across Europe, named MSI the Most Reliable Laptop Brand of 2019. Its record topped Apple’s MacBook Pro and Microsoft’s Xbox One, making it the best brand.

What country makes MSI?

MSI is based in Taiwan
MSI offers several divisions and services at its headquarters in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. The manufacturing process was once performed in Taiwan, but it has been relocated to the United States. There are a lot of graphics cards produced by MSI’s factory in China.

Final words

We hope that our MSI vs. Gigabyte Motherboard comparison guide helped you make an informed decision between the two brands. Choose premium options by MSI if budget is not an issue. 

For a budget-friendly motherboard, Gigabyte is the best choice.