How to easily find the Motherboard screw size you need?

I inherited an old PC that does not have screws to attach to the motherboard. They must have been lost some time ago.

You should check your computer’s manual first. In addition to standard-motherboard screws size, your motherboard may come with little spanner-like devices that let you tighten or loosen them without touching them.

  • Screws for motherboards: 6-32×3/16″
  • Other sizes: 6-32

A set of 400 ZMBROLL Screws sized to fit universal motherboards, computer cases, and fan controllers.

Screw MaterialAlloy Steel
Drive SystemPhillips
Head StyleFlat
Sizes(6#-32×6): 40pcs, (6#-32×5): 40pcs, (M3x6+6): 30pcs(M5x10KB): 30pcs, (6#-32×6): 30pcs, (M3x5): 50pcs(M3x3): 50pcs, (M3x8): 70pcs, (M3x5x7): 50pcs,(6#-32×6): 10pcs

Motherboard Screw size

Typical motherboard screws are #6–32 x 3/16′′ (sometimes 1/4′′). In addition to #6–32 screws, M3 screws are also used.

Assembling and maintaining our computers may require up to 8 different types of screws. The most common ones are usually included quite a bit with each box. It may be challenging to find others in a store if you need them, as they may be more exotic. When we want to install new components inside our box, we may need more screws. In this article, we will look at the different types of motherboard screws and mounting hardware that computers require (to a greater or lesser extent, and you may not need all of them).

Component fasteners and motherboard screws


Motherboard screws

We use this screw for attaching the fans to our computer’s case. In general, it is of the Philips No. 2 (star) type with a flat head and conical entrance into the flare. As a rule, computer case manufacturers typically include up to 4 of these screws. The thread diameter is 5.5 mm, and the length, excluding the head, is 10 mm. Usually, we get them with the fans.


Motherboard screws

The giant screw on our PC is usually this one. As well as the motherboard, it also holds the expansion cards and the power supply. As a rule, a hexagonal thread has a 1/32″ pitch, a diameter of 3.5 mm, and a diameter of 3.5 mm. Its standard stem length usually is 6.35mm or 1/4″ To fit this type of screw.



Screws with knurled heads are called thumbscrews. Using only the fingers of the hand, they can be loosened and tightened (although most come with screwdriver grips). The thumbscrews used to hold the side panels of cases typically have a shank about 7.5mm long.

M3 hexagonal head

Motherboard screws

The thread pitch of this screw is 0.5 mm, while its diameter is 3 mm. With a stem length of 7/32 in. or 5.55 mm, the hexagonal head has a size of 7/32 in. or 5.55 mm. Many optical drives are held with these. Due to its similar appearance to the previous 6-32 screws, it typically leads to many mistakes when being assembled. The most significant difference among these two screws is the thread pitch: M3 hex heads have a finer thread than 6-32 screws.

Long shaft and round head M3

The brass standoffs on the motherboard are typically held in place with this screw. Additionally, it attaches 2.5-inch SSDs to their brackets/bays.

Short shaft and round head M3

M3 rounded and short shaft

The stem is only 4mm longer than the previous model. Optical drives are often attached to it.

M3 metal standoff – Fine thread

Using brass standoffs, the motherboard is mounted on a test bench or a mounting tray inside the case. The thread pitch of this separator is 0.5 mm, and it has an inside male and female thread. There is a 3mm shank, and a 3mm bore inside.

M3 metal standoff – Coarse thread

M3 metal standoff - Coarse thread

The thread pitch of the stem on this spacer is 1/32 compared to the one we just saw. However, the internal thread pitch remains at 5 mm.


We hope you learn all about motherboard screw size in this guide. You will be able to figure out the screw size for your motherboard with the help of this guide.

Frequently asked questions

Are motherboard screws Universal?

The screws that hold the motherboard to your PC case are usually included. Do motherboard screws work universally? Yes, they do. All motherboards use standard M3*5 screws threaded into the standoffs after going through the motherboard’s holes.

What size screws are used in computers?

UTS 6-32 screws are the most common in computers. Power supplies, 3.5″ hard drives, expansion cards, and case panels are secured with 6-32 screws, while M3-0.50 screws are used to mount optical drives, floppy drives, and the motherboard.

Where do I find motherboard screws?

If your case has hard drive bays, you can probably find the screws and standoffs you need there. Nevertheless, some manufacturers place loose parts, such as screws, in separate plastic bags or boxes. Before assembling your PC, be sure to check the PC case and the box it came in for these items.

Can I use any screws for the motherboard?

Can fasten The motherboard with steel screws. However, the advantage of brass screws is that they won’t rust, unlike steel screws. It will be problematic to remove rusted screws in the future.

What is a 6 32 screw?

Machine screws (not for wood) have 32 threads per inch of their length and have a diameter of just under 1/8′′. They are meant to be threaded into metal nuts or tapped holes in metal. Additionally, a 6 x 40 has a more refined twist, 40 per inch.